What is Lazy?

The dictionary definition of lazy is: “disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous or encouraging inactivity or indolence”.  Lack of activity and energy seem to be the base for what most of us call lazy.  The word lazy is often used as a judgement, accusation or excuse, all of which come with a negative tone.  But there has to be more to it, lazy is just the surface word used for deeper levels we don’t understand (or haven’t tried to).  Let’s look at it another way, let’s try to take the implied negativity out of the word “lazy”.

I’m going to start with a simple statement of what I believe to be fact: Lazy is a choice!

To recognize this is the first step in accepting it. It’s a choice that we all make from time to time.  Every action we take, or do not take is a choice.  There is no external force that can make me lazy.  When I am lazy, it is a mental decision to choose inactivity over activity.  It is no different than choosing to wear a red shirt today rather than a blue one.

Every choice we make comes with consequences.  We logically weigh the pros and cons in our decision making process.  Am I willing to live with the consequence of my choice to be lazy?  Some days — yes, but not every day.  It’s about finding a good balance. 

Life is in constant flux, it is always changing.  The choices we make do slowly define who we are, but it is easy to define yourself into a corner based on your past decisions rather than acknowledging that you can change your self-definition with new decisions.  You always have a choice to change…ALWAYS!  My first choice today is to to accept that there are days I choice to be lazy, but it does not define me as a lazy person.

I choose to observe myself as a friend and learn as much about myself as possible.  As I am constantly changing, this is a long-term choice to continue to observe, learn and accept every iteration of “me” that I encounter.